Set of 3 abstract paintings by Paul Crimi

Price $2600.00

This absolutely beautiful set of 3 vintage abstract paintings come to you with awesome vibrant colors and a very abstract subject matter. Two of them are signed by Paul Crimi, the artist.  And he told me that he was painting according to how he felt that day. He felt very happy and full of energy and that is what you can see in this series of paintings.

It is awesome what Paul Crimi can do with this technique. The artist Paul Crimi as some of you know is my friend and has a studio in the same building as I have my warehouse.  This series he did was finished in the 80’s but it is still relevant art and it is easy to pair up with so many different styles of decor.

Each of them measures approximately 20″ x  14″ and just the painting itself is approximately 11″ x 17″. They can be easily matted and framed for you for a small fee.

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