If you find yourself stock with the layout of a room in your home, confused about the different options to change it or simply want to refresh it, then I am very glad you are here. 

We can offer a new perspective and a fresh pair of eyes along with more than a decade of expertise dealing in MCM furnishings. We can definitely help you achieve the MCM eclectic style you love and desire.

You might be asking why should I hire her when I can look for furniture online myself and fill up my space?   Well, here is a small list of what I can help you with.

  • Selection of paint colors
  • Fabric colors and textures
  • Placement of existing furniture
  • Determination of new or replacement furniture needs
  • Arranging and hanging art collections
  • Brainstorming solutions for tough spaces
  • Shopping and purchase recommendations
  • Generating 3d floor plans to help you have a clear goal for your space

But in order to get the ball rolling, we need a little bit of information about How the space is being used, what you feel is working in the space, what is not working, what kind of a feeling do you want for the room, etc. This will paint a better picture for us about your space and your needs.

Now we can choose how we are moving forward,

  1. Full Interior Styling Service
  • 1 hour initial consultation and measurements
  • Generating 3d floor plan for your space
  • Options for furniture 
  • Accessories, Art and textiles selection/suggestion 
  •  Installation day and final touches

2. Online service

  • You send me your pictures and measurements, and I come up with the design and give you a 3d floor plan of your space.

Our fees start at $500.00 plus the cost of the furniture. If you buy from our inventory you will get a significant discount on furniture. And if we have to source furniture from other places you will either purchase directly or reimburse us before install day. 

Our goal is to work with as much of the furniture and collections you already have while keeping our main style MCM in the foreground of the make-over. We want you to be happy with your space and to have a home that is comfortable, stylish and cohesive.   But above all I want you to have a home that reflects your taste.

I can’t wait to see the wonderful transformation of your space. So let’s begin! 


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