Welcome, we are so happy to see you here!


Before we start let me tell you a little bit about our interior styling service.

We can offer a new perspective and a fresh pair of eyes along with more than a decade of expertise in MCM furnishings. We can definitely help you have the MCM eclectic style you love and want.  But in order to help you, we need a little bit of information. After you fill out this form we will do an initial visit to view your space and to see your needs and wants. This will help us get the general goal of the project.

Then we come up with a plan to redecorate your place. We source the pieces needed and we coordinate the date of the install.  Our fee is $500.00 plus the cost of the furniture. If you buy from us you will get a significant discount on furniture. And if we have to source furniture from other places you will either purchase directly or reimburse us before install day. 

Our goal is to work with as much of the furniture and collections you already have while keeping our main style MCM in the foreground of the make-over. We want you to be happy with your space and to have a home that is comfortable, stylish and cohesive.   

I can’t wait to see the wonderful transformation. So let’s begin! 

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