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Too late! should have inquired earlier 🙂

Check out this beautiful and unusual Burlwood and chrome china cabinet. It was manufactured by the Singer Furniture Company of Lenoir North Carolina. This beautiful piece was manufactured somewhere around 1975.
This beautiful hutch has 2 pieces. The glass front top has two doors on the left and on the right, the middle part doesn’t open. Making it even more unusual. The bottom part its all burlwood, it also has the doors on the left and right sides and the middle doesn’t open either. The glass shelves that go in the top are in 3 sections to allow for the middle part not opening.

Overall very little wear and tear, mainly on the back edges of one of the sides. And one of the shelves has a corner of the glass broken but the piece is there attached with tape.
The bottom of this burlwood and chrome china cabinet measures 29″ tall by 17″ deep by 48″ and the top is 51″ tall and the same depth and length.

If you like them tall and handsome: this one is for you!


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