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This pair of mid-century modern bookcases are super tall and will provide you with a lot of storage.  They are perfect to showcase your books and objects. These bookshelves are easy to fit into a living room or an office.  They were made by Drexel one of the most recognized brands in MCM furniture. Founded in 1903 by Samuel Huffman and 5 other men in Drexel North Carolina. The drawers have the stamp inside on the left and the backs still have the lettering identifying them as the Accolade line and the serial numbers. The brass accents give them an even more attractive look. 

Condition: This pair of Drexel bookcases is structurally sound, no major scratches showing some minor paint marks and very little wear overall. The brass accents are still very shiny.

Measurements: Large one 80″ tall by 19″ deep by 31″ wide

Small one 80″ tall by 19″ deep by 23 1/2″ wide

I have always wanted to do a reading nook where you put a pair of bookcases on the sides of a small couch, I believe these bookshelves are perfect for that. The couch can be nested between them with 2 reading lights and a big piece of art above it. I’m drooling already!

Although these Drexel bookcases are big they can be shipped to your door, so don’t forget we can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

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