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Too late, someone else beat you to it!

Take a look at this beautiful Kent Coffey hutch, wall unit, it is coming to you with a very airy upper body sitting on an enclosed cabinet with 4 doors. Imagine your barware and cocktail juices in the storage area on the top.  This beautiful hutch comes in its original condition. Just as the matching credenza this hutch has had only 1 owner since the 1960s. A person of impeccable taste who took care of all of her furniture.  As you know the Perspecta line from Kent Coffey is very similar to the Brasilia from Broyhill.  Kent Coffey is a very well known designer and manufacturer that made excellent quality pieces, where form and function merge in such a way that it was an easy choice to pick furniture for your home. 

I have taken pictures of the minor flaws of this piece. Please know that the water ring pictured is very hard to see, the light has to hit it the right way for you to notice it.  All doors and drawer work fine. 

This Kent Coffey hutch can also be used as a room divider. It looks good coming and going, if you know what I mean!  There is a lot of life left in this piece. My goal is always to find someone who would appreciate these survivors of the MCM period. 

It measures 56″ Long x 17.5″ Deep x 72″ High (26.25″ base height, 46″ hutch height)


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