Mid Century Modern Furnishings and Design

Why Mid Century Modern? Someone recently asked! Well I have always liked the look, the period and I thought that selling it would not only be fun but it could also put some money in my pocket. However, I didn’t want to be chained to a traditional store front operation. I wanted to do all of my selling online and I wanted my product line to be different, original.
Some of my friends were already running successful online businesses. They were buying product lines from clothier and jewelry wholesale companies. I didn’t want to be another seller of the same merchandise. I wanted my things to be original or at least limited.
So how did it all start? My boyfriend and I went to a flea market and I bought a very nice Polaroid camera from the 1940’s. Fascinated by the technology of the period I researched it online and saw them going for a reasonable amount of money. I had paid just a few dollars for it so I put it online and sold it and made a modest profit. Needless to say I was hooked to the rush of selling online. I needed to get more vintage cameras from the period. I started looking for other small items too, so I started collecting vintage kitchen appliances like coffee percolators, toasters, canisters and waffle irons and then sold them one by one. Then I added vintage radios, and then vintage fans and none of it was made after 1970. Way to go I thought! I was happy but, yes, there was a big but I wasn’t making any money; it was more like a hobby to fill my days.
So my boyfriend and I started thinking what if we get larger pieces like lamps, chairs, and small tables could we sell them? How do we ship them? And the logistics part came into action; we researched larger pieces and how to make them available to the market. The more we researched the more doable it became. And the more exciting it became. Our inventory collecting now included upholstered furniture, complete vintage bedroom sets, complete vintage dining room sets and complete vintage patio furniture sets and every bid of it sold and shipped on line. The beautiful pieces like Herman Miller, Milo Baughman, Heywood Wakefield, Knoll and Plycraft, just to name a few, now fill our inventory and our home. Eighty percent of our time is devoted to finding more great vintage things and we enjoy every minute of our treasure hunting.

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