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Hi guys!

I just wanted to give you a quick update about the new inventory we have available.  From lamps to china cabinets to art to accent chairs, we’ve got you covered. You will also be seeing more and more of our project pieces coming soon. And I will be sure to point them out in the descriptions and on social media. I haven’t been focusing on them but as the weather warms up (fingers crossed) I will be able to refinish more. 

But for now; back to the new inventory, over the years I realized that I gravitate towards the 1960s and 1970s pieces. I guess the lines in them just speak to my soul.  For example, this R. Huber upholstered accent chair.  When I first saw it, it was in bad shape but I was able to see past that and imagine it reupholstered, I knew I wanted a vibrant colour with some texture.  The shape made me think immediately about a cozy night, where you curl up with your throw blanket, your favorite book or your dog and a cup of hot chocolate! hmm, maybe I am still in winter mode? What do you think?

But seriously, the comfort of this chair can be for every season, I can see someone falling asleep in front of the tv watching their favorite movie with the ac blasting during the summer. And if you hurry up and buy it before spring gets here you can be the one person sitting on it, having a cup of coffee and watching the rain fall on your back yard on a Sunday afternoon.  And finally let’s not forget to mention the style of this chair; some have said captain Kirk style, some said egg chair style, but the truth is that when you combine style and comfort you have an accent piece, a statement piece, and a conversation starter. And that my friends; that is what you have here.

How ever we decide to enjoy these beautiful pieces, one thing is for sure, they are all beautiful. So please, feel free to leave us a comment about your favorite accent piece and don’t forget to check out each section of our website because I am sure you haven’t seen everything new we have for you.



ps. If you think that any of your friends would enjoy this blog, please share it with them, we would be delighted to see them join us here!

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