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It was late winter 2012.  I had responded to a telephone call about buying a mid century modern desk and matching chair.  Desks from Kent Coffee, Paul McCobb, Kem Weber, Lane, Tibergarrd Neilsen, Heywood Wakefield and Stow Davis are just a few of the desks that have found new homes and owners by-way of our Mid Century Modern web-site; gre-stuff.com. So here I was parked and waiting in some ones driveway in Bristol Connecticut.  The day was cold, grey and wet. As I waited for my contact I sensed that no one lived here. The place was probably empty. From outside the house there was no real clue to past or future events.  No mail in the mail box.  No foot prints in the snow.  No barking dog.  No burning porch light, illuminating the way for a returning home owner…Nothing. Everything including time had literally stopped. There was only the present moment and it offered me nothing.   The sound of a passing car snapped me to attention and reminded me to breathe again.  Moments later a large SUV pulled into the driveway driven by my contact.  He exits the vehicle we approach each other. There was introductions then small talk as we headed for the back door.  The door is unlocked; we enter the dark house that was once a home.  I follow my contact through the kitchen passing boxed up items.  The labels on some of the boxes read toaster oven, coffee maker and blender.  Uninteresting dining room furniture still filled the dining room. There were bank

statements spread all over the table.  Onward down the hall into what was a bedroom but now a den.  I see it before he can point it out, A Paul McCobb Pedestal desk and matching chair sit in the corner covered with stacks of back issues of National Geographic.  I place the magazines on the floor, examine the piece nod my approval and agree on a price for the desk and chair. This 50 plus year old desk will need a safe exit through the house and into the back of my truck. I enlist my contact; we double up on the desk and chair and head out to my vehicle where I wrap them safely in packing blankets.  I shake his hand one last time jump into my vehicle and head into the evening with my fantastic find.  Another great piece saved for a better life. See more great desks at www.gre-stuff.com


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