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Dear Friends,
We are thrilled about having the opportunity to keep everybody in the loop about what we are doing. We have been selling on line for a while now, mainly on EBay. We post new things every week; there is no stipulated day, it could be any day of the week and a lot of times it depends on the time we have between getting new inventory and cleaning it or getting it ready to be sold. You can see our EBay listings on the link on the right side of the page.
We were also lucky to participate on SOWA Vintage Market on June 20th and 27th and also in July 11th, everyone is so nice we couldn’t believe it!
We hope you check our listings soon!

Sowa was a great place to show some of our inventory, meet with some clients and to give people a better idea about what we do and offer.
Here are some pictures of our first week there.

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