I have been on the hunt for select items that are not so common in the way of mid century or Danish modern.  In the recent past I was worried that the MCM period would become an internet log jam by way of its own clutter.  And a quarter of a million mediocre chairs, chests, lamps, sofas, dining sets, end tables and all of their accessories say it’s so. They tend to jam up on the better known e-commerce sights.  Where they sit idle quite often incorrectly priced, poorly described and mislabeled. Metaphorically speaking, as these pieces are crushed under their own weight and settle to the bottom of the log jam, their prices drop along with them. The clutter and falling prices have created over saturation, disinterest and lower values.

In order to rise above the clutter one has to collect rarer and more unique pieces. This involves turning your back to the log jam and creating a buffer or a margin from the clutter, reaching deeper into ones own pockets, traveling further for pieces and doing better research. I have been practicing what I preach and it works. And for awhile now my inventory has been improving. I have managed to lay my hands on pieces designed by Paul Laszlo, Milo Baughman, Harvey Prober, Gerald Thurston and Leon Rosen just to name a few. Like mining for gold I have struck several new veins of limited, not so available, exciting, cool pieces.

Avoiding the log jam I have been returning them slowly back into the mainstream.

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