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Welcome back, friends! Today we are going to talk about the top reasons why mcm furniture is good for small homes and apartments.

As I have mentioned before MCM furniture designers were innovative and always considered form and function in addition to materials.  I particularly love the furniture that is versatile and can be part of a small space and be enlarged or expanded to be in a bigger room, for example, a dining table that has built-in extra leaves. Ok, that was an easy one, don’t judge!

Even though MCM houses tend to be open and large in scale compared to the new trend of homes, I feel that most of the furniture was still on a relatively small scale. And when we consider that most of the nationwide stores like Sears and manufacturers like Heywood Wakefield, Kroehler, Heritage, Lane, etc, carried furniture of small scale because it was designed with the thought of being manageable to move and assemble at the local stores or at home. We can see how the furniture has stayed relevant throughout the years. 

Let’s consider sofas, for example, most of them are on average 72”-80” long. And as someone who lives in a small scale home, I can honestly say that this average fits very well in apartments and tiny homes like mine. The designers of the MCM period considered the overall footprint of these pieces and made a conscious decision to not add any more space to the legs and base. Most of the legs of sofas and upholstered chairs often screw into a plate on the bottom of them, leaving most of the footprint as a usable area to sit.  And even better if they can be used as a single bed for an overnight guest. (I have another one of these sofas btw)


Coffee tables and end tables are other examples of being manageable in size. Even though they use their imagination to add unique styles and designs to them. We can say that the bulk of them have a nice size that can easily fit into any small home. 

And when it comes to kitchen and dining rooms definitely they do not disappoint. You have small scale tables that expand with unattached leaves and built-in leaves. There are small scale china cabinets that are considered functional and cute.  And I could go on and on about these pieces. But the truth is that the clean lines, style, and scale of most of the Mid-Century Modern furniture can easily fit into a small home.

Please note in the following examples I tried to exemplify how MCM shows in combination areas like living-dining room, living room-office, etc.


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