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Sarah Montgomery’s 5 must have furnishings for a MCM home|

Hi,  Are you as happy as I am that spring is finally here? 

Spring is one of the 2 notorious times of the year where we all want to spruce up our nests. Whether you are moving to a new home or you are revamping your existing one, one of the most important factors of choosing the right furniture is how you use your space in order to make the most of your space. If you are one of the lucky ones living in a MCM house, you know you have plenty of space in each area of your home. And you can certainly use these tips. And if you are one of the lucky ones living in a major city, and your place is modestly sized. Then pay attention because these tips from renown Chicago based interior designer Sarah Montgomery will directly apply to you. 

  • Sarah Montgomery's profile Sarah is known for blending new design and vintage finds to create a custom look for each of her clients. 
  • She has a background in textiles and theater set design as a foundation for her career in interior design and she is one of my favorite interior designers of all time.
  • When looking at pictures of her work, I can feel a sense of peace and well thought out simplicity. You feel a connection to the past of the vintage furnishings that ground her spaces while her use of soft textures and light colors update the room to make it current and trendy.   

When answering my questions, Sarah mentioned that there are so many great things about decorating with mid-century modern furniture. Some of which are inherent to the midwest area where she lives. The style is so prevalent in much of the architecture that also makes finding midcentury resale furniture (designer or not) easy.  She considers MCM furniture the perfect scale for city living.   

  • She loves to incorporate wood and leather in her designs; hardwoods like Oak or Teak common to mid-century furniture bring in the perfect amount of texture and warmth, she explained.
  • Also, she stated that she loves furniture pieces with two materials; because it makes it so much easier to incorporate a mix of styles and finishes into a home.

Here are Sarah’s 5 must-have furnishings for your MCM home:

  1. MCM buffets: they are great for storage, to be used as a bar or a media unit.
  2. Danish style chairs: with upholstered cushions and wooden arms. If you put an ottoman in Sarah Montgomery's MCM designfront and have a lumbar pillow, they are just as comfy as a recliner! 
  3.  A wishbone chair is my go to for a dining or kitchen table. I especially love it in black with a woven seat. 
  4. A pair of MCM nightstands are the perfect scale for many low profile bed frames. 
  5. I also love the look of a mid-century daybed, some of them look like a bench and I am not sure you would actually want to sleep on them but they look really cool, she said! 

And when we asked her if she had a favorite MCM piece that if possible she wanted to add to a future design she said: The mid-century piece I’m dying to use in the right space is a tete a tete! With all the open concept new construction they are a great way to divide up a room. 

There you have it, my dear friend, Sarah Montgomery’s suggestions for the 5 must have furniture pieces for a MCM home. We are so happy we were able to connect with her and get her expertise!

If you want to read more about her and see more of her designs please visit her website and follow her on Instagram. 

Sarah Montgomery Design


Instagram: @sarahmontgomerydesign

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