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As a Mid Century Modern enthusiast, you know that the style easily blends with other decor styles very well, which gives you the opportunity to create your unique, custom and personalized home.  If you are like me, a primarily MCM lover with a mix of something else mixed in, you definitely need to keep reading. Especially if that secondary style is bohemian.
As we have seen lately; Pinterest and Instagram have inspired us with blends of bohemian and MCM and we admire those showing us constantly the homes they have successfully blended these two styles in. 
My guest Judy Aldridge from Atlantis Home, has fascinated us with her sense of style, the lovely interiors of her home and her excellent taste for the use of Latin native textiles in old furniture have truly wow us.
When I ask her what is her favorite part about decorating with MCM furniture, she responded: “As a long time collector of MCM furniture and art, I deeply appreciate what select pieces can add to a room. Adding a few of the classics to any room is a must in my opinion for a well-balanced room.  A piece of Saarinen, or an ARCO lamp will look fantastic every time!!!”
Isn’t she great? of course she is! Not only has she answered our questions but she has successfully blended these 2 styles in her home. See this example:

I also asked her what are her 5 tips to blend MCM and bohemian styles in a living room and why? And she definitely delivered:

1) MCM and vintage Persian or Moroccan rugs are a natural together. Definitely try that!
2) Bohemian fabrics can soften the look of MCM. Pillows and throws.
3) Add fuzzy texture to MCM pieces.  Like Mongolian sheep throws. 
4) Vintage textile art can be very bohemian, but also look terrific paired with lots of different types of MCM pieces.
5) Plants!!  Lots of plants!
Wow now that we have concluded that selected pieces and lots of textiles and plants make the perfect blend of MCM and bohemian. We definitely had to ask her if she has a favorite MCM piece that if she could she would add to every design. And she said:
My favorite MCM designer is Warren Platner. Any of his pieces would be the crowning glory to a well-designed room.
And there you have it, beautiful friend, how to successfully blend MCM and bohemian styles from the expert Judy Aldridge. If you want to read more about her and see more of her designs and great taste please visit her website and follow her on Instagram. 



Instagram: @atlantishome



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