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A.H. Stock Grand Server table set

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A. H. Stock Grand server

f you want to get your home up to speed with MCM style be sure to check out this rare A.H. Stock Grand Server table set. The coffee table has a glamorous gold tone vinyl with concealed and retractable tray server (up and down) for your bottles. On the outside of the large curb it has a storage cubby with the original key. Rolls on brass castors at the end of the plastic legs that have grain to simulate wood. Two matching 3 tier end tables complete this set and bring this set to a new level. Together they will complete the look for your living room. They too have the plastic legs that make them completely wild.  This set is the perfect combination of functionality, style and looks. This super cute set was first introduced at the NYC fair of 1964. I have attached the ad with the original descriptions. This set is totally James Bond style.  Wow your friends with this piece, then mix them a cocktail.

Manufacturing Company’s Information

  • This model was showcased at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City; the “Grand Server” was manufactured by A.H. Stock in a limited edition.
  • In 1942, with just 5 employees, Arnold Stock started Stock’s Machine Company. On October 1, 1947, Stock’s Machine Company incorporated as A. H. Stock Manufacturing Corp.  (*ahstockmfg.com)

Condition of the table set:

The bottom tier of both tables is a little bit warped from age which makes a little bit uneven the legs but with an extra padding on one leg or if you have a rug they should be ok. Both tables have normal signs of wear visible (see pictures) One of the end tables and the coffee table have a little bit of separation on the edging. They are in great condition for their age.

Measurments of the table set:

Coffee table 55″ long x 21″ wide x 22″ high.

End tables 19 1/2″ high x 29″ deep x 22″ wide.


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