Mid Century Modern Furnishings and Design

set_of_2_widicomb_desk__1_ Here at Gre-Stuff, we are huge believers of buying Mid Century Modern and vintage furniture with soul or provenance versus going to a department store and settling for something new and cheaply made. We are opposed to shopping at these box stores. Most vintage furniture is of better quality than the mass-produced pieces that litter the planet. If it’s survived 50+ years…it truly is well-made, better value and will outlive the “new” furniture.

Selected pieces of Mid Century Modern furniture give us comfort

Stylish and truly modern, these fashionable pieces were produced for a short 30 year period. They were made to fill the public’s Milo baughmanappetite for progressive design. Today selected pieces of mid-century modern furniture and decor in the home can give us a sense of cool comfort, beauty and emotional grounding in what continues to be uncertain times.

Mid-century modern furniture and accessories can provide provenance to a special time, a time that included
progressive design, a connection to simpler times, security and stability. Share your space or immediate surroundings with some of these items and feel the power of the mid-century modern era.

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