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We are always looking for interesting and appealing pieces that we would be proud to sell to our customer base.  Unfortunately for us late November and most of December brought us a dry spell. All of our possibilities seemed to evaporate.  Our continuing search for vintage and Mid Century Modern pieces was starting to creep to a stop.

It was a late December morning and my husband and I were grousing about our business and the weather when we received a phone call from an old friend. He told us that his mom who is a very stylish woman of 94 years, was moving into a smaller apartment, downsizing, but would continue to live in the affluent city of Boston. And would we be interested in purchasing some of her pieces.  Wow, we thought what a nice surprise! Of course we would.

“It was a small but positive surprise”      ~  Stefan Bielmeier

nightstands featured
nightstands featured

We jumped at the opportunity. We liked the style of the furniture she had and we liked the idea that she personally had bought it in the 60’s from department stores in Boston. It still gives me goosebumps when I meet the original owner of these pieces. The history these people have lived through is all in their eyes and their body language. And the personal possessions that they surrender are the touch stones of what they have lived. And we appreciate it all very much.    Needless to say, what we bought from them had been well taken care of and it looked great!

I read a quote recently by David Olguín that says “Without surprises (good or bad) no one would be willing to live” And I agree one hundred percent. So I am adding this to the list as a very nice surprise!

danish wall unit (19)

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