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I often hear people saying “I would like to buy this but I don’t have a place to put it” even one of my family members recently told me this when we were looking at some lamps that he liked. I used to think how can you not have any room at home for one more “thing”? Is your house really packed to the max? With the exception of hoarders, I believe that there is always something you can do to make room for items you like.  And I am not exactly talking about selling your items on Ebay and switching them for new ones. Even though this is a logical option; I am operating under the idea that you like what you have and don’t want to give them up but you also like other things and adding new pieces is always exciting and fun.

I know saying I have no room is mostly an excuse not to spend money looselyshelf accessories in layers but I also believe that people are making one key mistake when decorating their homes. People are scared to use different elements and accessories in layers.

On one hand you have people who get into collecting so much of so many different things that you end up with a cluttered environment, no flow, not being able to see all they have and no room to ever add anything.  And on the other hand, you have people who want cleanliness so much that it ends up being sterile. People who are so focused on having just 1 item representing each aspect of home décor and this a lot of the times doesn’t allow room for one more item to be added.

Here are different ways to layer without making it cluttered.

  • Art: when you don’t have frames and pictures of the same size group them by similar colors or themes. Play with them until you find some arrangement you like.
  • Shelves: you can also place art on shelving arrangements to add another layer on the background. In addition to using different elements in the front.
  • Coffee tables: as well as with shelves you can add stacking elements that will create a layered tablescape without making it cluttered. You can choose books, small sculptures, candlesticks, pottery, etc.
  • Sofas: you might think that because you have a sofa with 2 matching pillows you can’t add different layers, however, you can always add a throw, a folded blanket, different color pillows, an ottoman nearby, etc.

art grouping

The repetition of patterns, colors, shapes and the use of a theme gives you a great option to display your collectibles without making them look cluttered. In any case, these are just ideas, be sure to tie together different elements of you home to make the rooms one cohesive space. I love decorating with accessories in layers, and these are just ideas but I am still learning and I look forward to your comments and ideas.



warehouse chrome shelf and green chairs


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