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We can’t help but notice that the mid-century marketplace is swamped with sellers. And by what they are selling and by way of their pricing we suspect that they will soon disappear after they unload grandmas furniture or after the flea market finds dry up. You probably can score some bargains of mid-century mediocrity from these weekend flea marketeers. So have at it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for name brand or designer pieces that maintain their value, are of high quality, are rare and beautiful then you should probably do business with a licensed antique /mid century modern dealer. The majority of these true dealers don’t flip their wares for a few dollars. Most of us actually take the time to restore and repair finishes, hardware, and structure or re­upholster and replace worn or broken springs and dry rotted foam cushions. We also research each piece to find the age, history, maker and real value. You ckroehler before and afteran count on a dealer who has had longevity in the industry to continue to provide you with an excellent product as well as first class services. Services that range from refinishing, reupholstering, packing and shipping.

I’m proud to say that here at Gre­-Stuff Mid Century Modern all of the above mentioned has been a part of our business creed for almost a decade. We are passionate about what we do and our experience reflects that passion and our professionalism reflects our trustworthiness and your satisfaction.

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