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One weekend in January my husband John and I were visiting places trying to find neat new vintage and Mid Century Modern items to add to our inventory.  While we browse stores and markets we usually go around, see everything and then we tell each other what we like in general and what we would like to buy. So I was walking through rows of merchandise; when I come around a corner and what do I see but these beautiful storage boxes / stools. They are upholstered with baby blue vinyl and have some sort of studded design on them.  I see the potential and I immediately tell my husband that I like them. He says “no way” they are too boring looking and they definitely look dated.  So we go home and later that evening they continue to pop into my head so I decided (without telling my husband of course) to call the place and tell them I want to buy them. The next day while having my afternoon tea I go through a few magazines and much to my surprise I see a very similar set featured there. Those were upholstered in a beautiful and updated navy blue velvet.blue stools magazine

It was my aha moment; I knew I had done the right thing and that I wanted to give them a similar look. So I let a couple of days go by and build my case with examples in order to tell him the truth about me buying them.

I showed him the magazine and I said very innocently “Isn’t it great I bought them already?!” smile, smile wink 😉

From that moment on he agreed that he liked them too and that he wanted to see them redone as soon as possible.

So part 1 of the mission was done and now part 2: the fun part! choosing the fabric. I decided that even though I loved the blue velvet of the ones in the magazine I didn’t want to do mine in the same tone so I picked through my samples and found this beautiful peacock color cotton velvet and it spoke to me. I could already see them done in my head. With all the excitement of the world, I ordered the fabric and waited for it to come in the mail like a puppy waits for this owner to come back from work.

A few days later I finally received it and dropped them off at my master upholsterer. A week later I get the text message; they are ready he said right above a picture of my new favorite small pieces. Aren’t they super cute?


blue boxes stools (8)





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