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See what designers and decorators are saying about settees

Recently I read an article about how the decorator Kerry Joyce and the designer Penny Drue Baird consider settees the perfect finishing touch. Yes, you read right these nice pieces of upholstered furniture that are considered a cousin of the sofa are considered by the experts as wonderful additions to any space in a home.  

They come with backs and without them, with caning, with high legs, studded, pleated or tufted and they all add a wonderful sense of airiness, additional seating and can complete the look of a room. At the same time, they cane-back-pink-benchare small but can be a statement just as a sofa or a larger upholstered piece in any space you choose to put them.

The more traditional way to used them is at the foot of a bed, in an entrance or hallway and in any bedroom but while I was scrolling through some ideas on Pinterest I saw how to use them in the dining room, as a desk chair and even in a kitchen, WOW! These pieces are really flexible!

So there it is, from experts in magazines to dealers to collectors on the web; we all think they are a great addition to any space!






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