Mid Century Modern Furnishings and Design

It is no secret that Mid Century Modern homes usually have some kind of fireplace in them. We all have seen the free standing Preway models that came in either wood or electric, and  the stone / brick floor to ceiling, wall to wall fireplaces right in the heart of the home. Well it is winter now and it is time to enjoy and why not? to show off your fireplace and therefore all the accessories that go with this beautiful architectural features of a house.

Various well-known designers like Frederick Weinberg, Russell Wright and Donald Denskey created beautiful artistic and sculptural fireplace accessories to elevate and improve the aesthetics of the homes and create that wow factor that we all want to have.

There are, however, people who would enjoy to have a fireplace and to display these type of accessories in their home but aren’t lucky enough to have one. Whether because they are renting or they haven’t gotten a chance to build one or any other reason that at this moment I am not thinking about.  Well, fear not because here are a few clever solutions of what people are doing with andirons that would give you the chance to enjoy these pieces and to add a little bit of style to your home decor.

And, may I add that these are just my favorite ones but I saw a few more and with these as a baseline and a lot of imagination the sky is the limit for someone clever and handy.  So, grab a pair of andirons and re purpose them to suit your needs and desires. I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I did!

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