1950’s Majestic Floor lamp




Obviously this lamp truly belongs to the mid-century modern period as it encapsulates it.  It was manufactured by Majestic. The bold striped pattern and strong horizontal lines of the lamp shades in contrast with the soft brass decorative twist climbing up the slender wood base tells the story of fresh new design from an exciting period in American design.   The height from the ground to the top of the tallest shade is 56”.  The lower shade is 51” tall from ground to top of shade.  The shades have 14” diameters and are 5.5” tall.  There is a top to these shades that measure 12”.  These tops show wear due to bulbs with wattage greater than 40 watts.  The wood base and brass twist show wear from 50 plus years of life.  Add this treasure to your Mid Century Modern life style.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to own a piece of great American design and vintage styling that remains strong and desirable today.



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