Broyhill Brasilia small hutch model 6140-10/25 |


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This Broyhill Brasilia small hutch comes to you from the 1960s. It was purchased by a nice lady who passed them down to her granddaughter. 

 The Brasilia line from Broyhill Premier is derived from the city of the year 2000; Brasilia, designed by Oscar Neimeyer. These pieces are made in softly shaded walnut and are described as a collection of fine furniture that embodies a new way of life. How cool is that?!

 This beautiful Brasilia small hutch measures 61″ x 19″ x 31″ on the bottom piece and 54″ x 13.5″ x 34″ on the top. This piece is perfectly sized for city living. 

It has minimal wear on edges and legs. There are some scratches from putting the top of and on over the years on the bottom part but most of them are covered by the top part. The glass doors have some minor scratches but nothing too bad. 

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