Danish / Yugoslavian gateleg table



In the style of Bruno Mathsson’s Maria gateleg table. This beauty comes to you in a rich walnut tone and with lots of options. If you like to entertain at home this is the perfect table for you. It goes from an accent folding table to a dining table to a super long table. In its first stage you can even store it inside of a closet, use it as a sofa table or an accent table. Then you open up the wings and you can have a perfectly good dining table and then you open up the middle sections and it becomes huge. It would be perfect for those thanksgivings when you invite your family, the in laws and all of your friends, you will no longer have to put together 3 tables to fit everyone. It measures 28” tall, 35 ½” wide, each outside panel is 26” and the inside panels are 58” totals. The rich wood color is still great, it has minor wear. The outside panels are a lighter tone of wood than the inside panels and legs. It is clearly marked Made in Yugoslavia on one of the outside panel’s underneath. It is a great addition to your collection!
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