Farmhouse watercolor by R. Mason |



Beautiful farmhouse watercolor painting. Featuring a scene that represents a farmhouse with its mailboxes and the trees around it. You can almost picture yourself in the background running on the plains like Heidi and her dog. It is framed with double matting in gray and light brown and a dark Kona color frame. The dark wood tone complements perfectly the earthy colors of the watercolor and of the matting that lures you into the scene. It was signed by the artist R. Mason on the lower right corner (see pic). I consider watercolor a difficult technique to work with since it is very runny and kind of does what it wants on the paper. And on this beautiful piece of wall art, not only I love the green and brown tones of the scene but also the fact that every aspect and shape represented is so well defined, easy to understand and very pleasing to the eye. Without a doubt it is a very easy piece to fit into different décor styles.

Measurements of the Farmhouse watercolor:

Including the frame is 18 1/2″ High  by 22″ Long.

Watercolor itself 10 1/2″ high by 14 1/2″ long.





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