Fritz Hanson Series 7 Chairs



Set of 4 original Fritz Hanson Series 7 Plywood Chairs, circa 1955-1960. This is the 3207 model of the series 7 chair manufactured by Fritz Hansen in Denmark. It was designed by Arne Jacobsen using a new technique in which plywood could be bent in two dimensions. These are the first generation of the famous chair. The metal base, signed hub on underside of the chair is the first version which means they were produced between 1955-1960.

Also note that they are arm chairs and not side chairs. They measure 30 ½ ” tall, 19 ¼” depth, and 19 ¼” wide at legs, 18″ seat width, and 17 ½” seat height. Some of the other vintage features of these chairs are nickel plated legs, rare stamped aluminum base cap stamped ‘FH DANMARK’. All shock mounts are in good shape and present. The chairs look like they have had some restoration. There are some areas where the veneer has been repaired or replaced and the original black (ebony) finish has been updated. There is some pitting to the steel legs due to rust now removed. One chair seat has an area of raised veneer 2.5”wide by 4.5”long. With patience this area can be repaired with wood glue and a weight to keep the veneer pressed down to the plywood base. One chair has a slightly weakened lower back but all the chairs are quite usable. They are so unique and beautiful you’ll probably be to busy looking at them and not sit in them.

Please look carefully at the photos of these inspired modern icon chairs designed by world renowned designer Arne Jacobsen. If you have questions, please ask and we will respond promptly.



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