Heathkit Cabinet Record player / Stereo

Originally designed to hold a record player and stereo it is now a great looking cabinet. 


SOLD this item is no longer available. We do  not disclose prices on sold items.

On this beautiful cabinet, each of the bottom spaces has a hole drilled through the backboard I assumed to be able to plug appliances without seeing the wires. The metal legs are a wonderful touch. As mentioned in the short description this cabinet was originally intended as a stereo and record player cabinet but it has been gutted and the top part is now only for looks, even though I think a tec savvy person could find a way to reuse these components to play music again. 
It has normal wear and tear all over.  And a few minor nicks on the edges.  It measures 60″ long, 35″ high and 16″ wide.
It is a great addition to any space, you better buy it soon because I am thinking about keeping it for my home.


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