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This beautiful Kroehler chair is coming to you with a very nice blue velvet new upholstery. The legs are made of walnut and have a nice medium dark finish, which allows you to see the wood grain. In addition to that it compliments the color of the upholstery so well. The chair is well identified with 2 labels. One shows the Kroehler company as the manufacturer and the other one specifies that the chair belongs to the line called Avant produced by such company.  This Kroehler chair is the perfect addition to any home, it can be easily incorporated into different styles and different rooms. Anybody who has seen several of their chairs on the market can testify that this is one of the best looking lines that the company produced. Needless to say it is part of the 1960’s decade designs and as we all know that is one of the best decades in the history of manufacturing and design.

You can read more about the history of Kroehler in the following link:

Measurements of Kroehler chair:

It measures 41″ High, 32″ wide, 22″ deep and the seat height is 17″.



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