Mid Century Modern bentwood chair


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Take a look at this Mid Century Modern bentwood chair. It is the perfect combination between cozy cabin and danish modern. This bentwood chair is light and airy but cozy and warm at the same time. The checkered pattern was an addition in the 70’s I am guessing. The original orange chenille-type fabric is underneath. Not that I mind this fabric. However, it shouldn’t be super expensive to reupholster it if you choose to do so.

This wonderful chair has wear and tear on the inside of the armrests. I think by either keys or belt rubbing on it over the years. This chair also came from the estate from the original owners, just as the Red Lion Table Co. dressers and nightstand. So you would be the second owner of this beauty.

How cool would it be paired up with this leather ottoman https://grestuff-58a4.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/brown-footstool-6.jpg.webp (it just now occurred to me so I will be taking a picture of them together soon and upload it here.)

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