Mid Century Modern large abstract painting in the style of Pollocks |


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This beautiful Mid Century Modern large abstract painting comes to you with vibrant colors. This style of painting as you know is called abstract expressionism and it is one of my favorites. What talented people can achieve with the drip technique is simply amazing. And I mean talented people because even though it looks easy it requires knowing when to say enough of 1 color and when to start the next. I wish I had a picture of the kitchen of one of the apartments I lived in back in the day, where the previous tenant had tried this technique on the countertops and it ended up being a mess instead of something to admire as a work of art.  Anyhow, this painting here is signed Dan Olson and dated 89. I know it is about 10 years to new to call MCM but the style, the frame, etc. looks older. So I can get away with calling it MCM. Structurally this painting is in excellent condition but it does have a couple of areas where the paint is cracking. It is not loose or at risk of falling but it is cracked. Otherwise excellent painting with lots of life still to give.

This large abstract painting measures 52″x40″ with the frame and the painting itself is 36″ x 48″.




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