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Take a look at this super sexy Mid Century Modern Sofa with wood trim. It is a design that is not common to find. The way the wood on the backrest, curves down to the armrest. The elevated legs give it an airy feeling. When I find this kind of stuff, it always amazes me how the designers figured out that these 4 little legs were going to be strategically placed to hold the weight of the sofa and the people sitting on it.  Definitely, they were great thinkers and creative people.

This beautiful Mid Century Modern sofa comes with what I believe is it’s original upholstery, the color is soft sage green and it contrasts the color of the wood perfectly. The condition is great just a little bit dirty. As always I recommend you get it professionally cleaned. Minor nicks on the wood trim can be buffed or sanded if desired. And a repair on one of the legs.

It measures: 88″x28″ high x 31″ front to back.



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