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This beautiful wall unit made of Teak was manufactured sometime between 1955 and 1965. It is a modular free standing unit.  Finished on both sides which would make it an option for a room divider. It is composed of 2 cabinets with shelves, 1 cabinet to store records, 1 desk unit with drawers and 5 floating shelves. It is very solid and since it was bought it had not been taken apart other than when we transported it to our warehouse. It has very minimal wear with the exception of some discoloration on the center of 2 cabinets and a few minor scratches.

Measurements of wall unit:

Overall it is 86″ long by 71 1/2″ tall. Each section is 27 1/2″ wide.

2) Cabinets are 18″ H x 27 1/2″L x 12″ D

1)Desk 15″ H x 27 1/2″ L x 12″ D

1) Record cabinet 18″ H x 27 1/2″ L x 16 1/2″ D

1) Cabinet with 3 drawers 16″ H x 16″ D x 27 1/2″ L

5) Shelves 27 1/2″ L x 12 1/2″ D x 3/4″ H



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