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This beautiful coat comes to you in 100 % leather, it was made by Newport News. This coat has a fur detail that goes from the collar and along the front edge. The pockets and cuffs are also faux fur. You can fasten it with 3 hooks on the chest area.  It is still in great condition. The tag shows it is size 8P and it is very warm. This is part of my personal collection, and I never wore it in 6 years, mostly because it was a little bit snug on me.

All of my coats were in protective bags, so they are clean but I would recommend getting it cleaned before wearing it.   This one has a couple of little spots on the front of the left shoulder but I am pretty sure it will come out when professionally cleaned. In the spirit of “I don’t have room in my closet”, 😮 I decided to let a few of my coats go, so I hope you can enjoy being warm during the winter with this beautiful fashion statement!


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