Phonola Record player / Stereo



This wonderful piece of art comes to you from the 1960’s. The design of this beautiful Mid Century Modern record player and stereo is simply great. It is “portable” and I say it in quotes because it is super heavy. You can add legs to it, it already has the hardware on it. The speakers have a hook to hang from the case like if they were wings. It is fully functioning. The inside probably needs a good cleaning to improve the sound but other than that it works great! Normal wear and tear for its age, one of the knobs is missing the decorative front but still works fine.
The lead is well identified by the following Phonola FM stereo, High fidelity model 2663 A, Water Conley Co. Inc. Rochester MN 117 volts 75 watts.
It measures 23″ deep, 25″ wide and 9 1/2″ tall. The speakers are 13″long x 5″ wide.


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