Rway Dresser and nightstand set


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This great Rway set of dresser and small cabinet are coming to make of your home wonderful for this holiday season. The long dresser has 10 drawers and the small cabinet has 4 drawers the long dresser has a mirror. This set is attributed to had been manufactured by Rway company, which started manufacturing in the 1800’s but continuing manufacturing until 1992. Some of their pieces are collectibles and very expensive. The wood is finished with a golden maple color, the tops are laminated with wood grain Formica, the pulls and the legs have a brass finish. Check out the beautiful clean lines and the elevated bodies make this set very stylish.  The dresser is 74″L x 32″H x 19″W. The small dresser is 32″H x 14 3/4″L x 19″deep.  Don’t miss these great pieces they will improve your bedroom with light, style and function.



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