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Hello, hello, hello everyone!

I am so happy to be writing to you again, this time with a little bit of inspiration for all of you living in small apartments.

First of all, I should say, that for about 10ish years I lived in small apartments. Trying to fit a lot of pieces of furniture and make it look good. In addition to trying to blend my husband’s style with mine was a challenge. It probably didn’t help that my husband and I had a huuuuge sectional sofa for many years either. Which I am happy to say it is gone. 

Anyhow, recently I got to thinking about the 97% of renters in all the major cities across the US having the same challenges as we did. I was always of the opinion, that I would rather live in a studio apartment by myself and not having to share with roommates but I know a lot of people share their spaces and this complicates things a bit more. but the principals are the same I suppose. So make sure your roommates have stylish furniture that matches yours πŸ˜‰ Just kidding…

So without going around and around even more, here is my inspiration and tips for decorating a small apartment in a Mid Century Modern – vintage eclectic style. πŸ˜€  

When I started to design this space I knew that I wanted to use a neutral sofa and rug because I love the idea of using citrus colors as accents to unify an open concept living room and dining room. So knowing that I had the orange vinyl chair, green velvet chairs, the orange rug, and those super cute Guatemalan cushions I thought I can pull off a very colorful scheme without it being a runaway train. Also, I chose to use a lot of lamps, to make sure we are utilizing all of the square footage available. Especially in a small space, because lighting each corner will give the illusion of a larger space. So do not leave one area dark, it is almost as if that square footage doesn’t exist and in a small space you cannot afford that. Finally, my last tip for a small apartment is to use glass and metal tables, especially a coffee table. You can take advantage of them to exhibit some of your vintage decorative items on the glass. And at the same time, the metal will make the light bounce around the room making it look even brighter. Also, by not being a solid piece like wood, the glass will trick the eye into believing that the space they occupy is light and airy, almost as if they are not there. This will also allow you to showcase a statement dark piece of wooden furniture, like this beautiful Brasilia Hutch without making it feel claustrophobic. In a small space don’t be afraid of using large pieces especially if they go high because this will actually help you take advantage of the vertical storage and make your room look normal by having normal size furniture in it.

So here is the end result! It looks fresh and colorful but still cozy and stylish. I am very happy and I hope you guys like it too! 

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Tip Recap:

Tip #1 Neutral sofa and rug.

Tip #2 Pic your accent colors and spread them around your entire apartment in order to unify the spaces.

Tip #3 Light every corner of the room.

Tip #4 Use glass and metal tables.





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