Brutalist tall dresser / wardrobe


The Brutalist tall dresser that we are offering was manufactured by Burlington House Furniture in Lexington Kentucky in the mid-1970’s. The detailing on the fronts of the piece is resin and shaped to emulate wood blocks.


 As you can see from the photos the finish underneath the uniquely shaped brass plated pulls is a style of burl walnut. The finish on the top and sides is a walnut with a light touch of black flecks. This particular credenza is in great vintage condition and has only light wear. The previous owner(s) took care of this handsome piece. It has 3 useful drawers on the bottom half and a shelf behind a set of double doors in the top half of the wardrobe. Just look at it. This unique brutalist piece can be used in any room.

What is Brutalism? Born in the early 1970’s Its hard edges, jagged shapes, rough surfaces, built up finishes, and symmetrical organic designs of wood metal and or resins. Brutalism was bold and distanced its self from the early days of streamlined blond modern furniture and Danish modern furniture. Early designers were Paul Evans, Adrian Pearsall, and the Lane furniture company. The pieces are strong, dynamic and edgy. Brutalism turns heads today and is highly collectible.

Measurements of the Brutalist dresser:

This Brutalist gem measures 38” long by 18” deep by 60” tall. It has 3 useful drawers and the top part has a shelf in the middle giving you a lot of storage space.

Here is a little bit of the history of the manufacturing company
 Burlington House Furniture
…The United Furniture Company, founded by the Philpott family was sold to
Burlington in 1969… The BHF division produced Globe, United and Raleigh Road lines of living
room, dining room, bedroom and upholstered furniture and tables.  National Upholstery, with plants in High
Point and Denton, NC, was merged into other Burlington furniture operations.


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