Italian Collage / serigraph wall art 1965



Price 495.00

This Italian collage / serigraph is coming to you from the Mid Century Modern period. This collage / serigraph is named “Tea at the signorina Fabbri”. The artist Mel Helreman who signed, dated and named this great piece of art has a wonderful attention to detail. I love how every piece of this scene is filled with great detailed. It transports you and it makes you feel like you are seeing a photograph of Miss Fabbri’s home.  The bear rug, the richness of the tapestries, victorian furniture and elegant curtains give you a sense of elegance. Even though I can see that she wasn’t a young woman, she lived a full life and very much enjoyed the company of friends over tea. It was made in the year 1965. And the linen matting, simple wood Kona color frame can testify to this fact. I feel honored to have found this gem and I will enjoy it every day I have it with me.

Italian Collage’s measurements:

With the frame, it is 26 1/2″ long x 26 1/2″ wide. And without the frame, it is 17 1/2″ long x 17 1/2″ wide.




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