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Take a look at this amazing modular, freestanding wall unit by Poul Norreklit for Georg Petersens Mobelfabrik. Coming to you from the 1960’s and with great style on top of functionality. And wait until you read the best part about this unit. The absolute best part is that it was used on the set of the movie “I wanna dance with somebody”, about the life of Whitney Houston (I have included a clip below).

So it features free standing supports made of lucite (one of them has a chip but it is still structurally sound). The feet are probably steel to support the weight of the cabinets when loaded with all of your treasures.  The overall measurements are 72″ high by 103 1/2″ long by 16 1/2″ deep.

2 cabinets with 2 doors each, 2 compartments, 1 shelf each but also have space to add more shelves.  Each cabinet measures 34 1/2″ by 19 3/4″ by 16 1/2″.  The 2 upper cabinets are 34 1/2″ by 12″ by 19 1/2″ high.

1 Cabinet with drawers 34 1/2″ long by 16 1/2″deep by 19 1/2″ high. It has 5 floating shelves.  Inside one of the cabinets there are some markings with crayons but they can be taken out with some refinishing. As you know being moved, assembled and disassembled for the movie has left normal wear, minor nicks, and scratches and some of the hardware will have to be replaced but all of that won’t matter because you will have a piece of history in your hands.

I also have the desk, credenzas, chairs, ottomans, sofas, lamps, etc from that set. So browse around and check all the pictures, you can see the scene screenshots of the movie.



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